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=Guilt and Ecstasy= =Guilt and Ecstasy=

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That song is surely legit 8-bit goodness! I love how you drop the bass around 1:15... gives a extremely good winning sensation. Amazing! I think I'm going to get the peach vsti just to see if i can do something alike. Congrats!

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Satisfying No One Satisfying No One

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Counterpoint is a bitch.

Man, I love Bach. He is the supreme god of music as we know it. And yeah, counterpoint is one of the most fantastic tools that one can use to enhance the song. And yes, for the sake of the erudite sound, you have to be a REALLY GOOD musician. Ergo, you are definitely one talented musician.

EmperorCharlemagne responds:

Thanks for the kind words, my man. I too find myself loving Bach more and more as my musical knowledge grows... It seems that for one so early he was far ahead of his time, even to this day, Cagean be damned.

It ain't perfect, but I like it, and am glad you like it too.


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What incredible lyrics! Very subtle and funky (of course). Great work man. I hate the munchies... I wish I could invent a mutant weed that wouldn't only get you high. But oh well, who am I? Keep on doing the good work, and getting blazed.

70's Porn 70's Porn

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I'm feeling sexy!

Yeah, shag song to the max! Makes me want to put on my dusty pimp clothes, pet my feather hat, and go on a cruise with ma pimp mobile. Hahah just tripped. Great work by the way! :)

nimble-nick responds:

lol, and the winner for best comment....

Chrono Eternity+*~.0 Chrono Eternity+*~.0

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Wow, perfect scratches!

Wow... really... I always tried to put some scratches in my songs but they sucked overall. You did a great work with them. They really give a great touch for this remix. And the song's great too. The guy far below me said that the reverb sucked. But no, I think reverb is really great. It really enhances the instrument. Great work!

Chronamut responds:

me too - and it helps to actually make the percussion in itself scratch - not just add scratch effects over it :)

thanks for the review!


Freedom {durn} Freedom {durn}

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Nice job!

I loved the guitar! I wish I had a guitar vst like this one. Mine sucks :(. I have realstrat... pretty sucky. A perfect song to hear while driving at night. Great job! :)

durn responds:

:) Thanks Dr-Slump. It's one of the Reason standard NN-XT patch, the Strat+Trem, routed through the Thor for a more interesting filter automation during the bridge.

Space Reggae (1st Rendition) Space Reggae (1st Rendition)

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Review nÂș69 hehe

Wow... that's impressive. You emerged styles that really have almost nothing in common. Great work!! This sounds more like a prog rock song hehe :)

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mr-jazzman responds:

haha well, i suppose i can see the prog rock side of it, with some of the more organic sounds and stuff. the genre is more like dub tho in my opinion, except more interesting. just had a burst of creativity, i suppose =) glad you liked it man, keep on rockin!

Percolating Prevarication Percolating Prevarication

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Yeah not bad!

Very nicely equalized I must say. The drum and the bass synth are really well placed. However, the guitar and the piano sounded strange to me. Maybe if you had replaced the piano with some synth. The clash between the acoustic piano and the eletronic bass synth didn't go well. The last minutes of the song ,however, did go well. Yeah, it seems like you got better at the end. The high pitched piano gave a good mood to the song. Good work man!

DJ-Chilvan responds:

Thnx! Yea, this is probably my best mastered song yet. Idk y, i think the sounds I used kinda calculated each other to fit well, because mastering this track didnt take much =P.
Yea, i had to use the instruments i used, because this song was made for a request by a NG flash artist, hence, i had to follow his guidelines---he wanted a rock feel to it. I didnt have any good electric guitar VSTs so I had to distort a piano lol =P. I loved the ending as well; pretty epic.
Thnx again!

Forest of Time Forest of Time

Rated 5 / 5 stars


What an epic change!!!! Amazing! It's really nice to see good musicians in ng... I should look for more more often. Great song...

Mario Hardstyle Mario Hardstyle

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Look, I'm really not into hardstyle. But I know it... heard it a lot. Hard/jumpstyle is really hip nowadays. And... I would say that when you have a mellow and happy melody like this one, don't make a hardstyle. You should know better than me that this genre of music is really simple, with only few notes and they generally are pretty dissonant. So yeah, if it wasn't for the kick, i'd give you a 10/10. ^^

Daaku026 responds:

Yea, Hardstyle isn't really supposed to be a happy kind of thing either. But you know, it's different.