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Posted by Dr-Slump - March 15th, 2010

Hello dear people.

Well, I've been out for a moment. But don't worry. The wait is almost over. Since I finally got my new pc (weeeeee), now I am able to hear what I'm doing actually hehe. So, just to inform you guys, there are 5 new songs almost ready. Yeah, 5. Even I am amazed. So, I'll be in touch when they're out. The only thing I can tell you for the moment is that one of them is 8-bit and they're pretty nice.


Posted by Dr-Slump - December 28th, 2009

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /299375

Hi guys!

Just a nice song for you to relax... even though it's a perfect song for a summer afternoon, and I know It's pretty cold in the northern hemisphere right now, so yeah ^^.

Happy Holidays for everybody and happy new year too.

Posted by Dr-Slump - September 4th, 2009

Yeah, i was super bored at class, so i drew this. I wanted to post it on the art portal, but you guys are just TOO OUT OF MY FUCKING LEAGUE. So yeah. I'll stick with this simple post. Oh, and Toad doesn't look too happy.

And check mi tunes!

Bored to the death (Mario Party)

Posted by Dr-Slump - August 11th, 2007

I learned some new tricks, with my only master, Envy. He rocks, check his tunes also. If you guys have noticed, in my 2 new songs (Star Hopper and Journey to the Sun) both use a lot of sidechaining and gliding. I learned reverse cymbals recently too haha, but i want to know more. If happen to know any new effect that could boost my tunes, or an advice to make them better, please tell me. I'll be eternally grateful... and check your tunes. Hope you enjoy them, and I'll try very hard from now on, 'cause my number one fan, is a very special girl, who really motivates me when I need, and I couldn't have done the last one without her motivation.
And here's a little tribute to my favourite techno band of all times, my two sweet little robots, Daft Punk. Hail Daft Punk! I hope they launch a new album soon... =(

Please, help me with your comments!! Once again, very grateful for all help possible.

Peace out, Dr. Slump, AKA "DJ Bozzi Bozzo"

Getting better...