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tudo nerd viado

the beer

lol it's xingu, a brazilian shitty black beer.

smoke weed

jahrastalove big up

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Funny idea!

I had to write a review to say this, but this is sooo inspired by pilotwings hahaha. Besides the heli, the funky music reminds me of pilotwings. Great job!

The best flash action game ever made.

No, seriously. How can you make a flash game, with so many features, like smooth controls (on a keyboard, that's amazing), tons of funny power-ups, amazing music, and more. Man, you deserve more than 11! Congratulations! I'll play it more tomorrow... no time today. :(

Nice game!

For an avoid game, it's very original! Loved the amiga-style soundtrack. Great work.

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That song is surely legit 8-bit goodness! I love how you drop the bass around 1:15... gives a extremely good winning sensation. Amazing! I think I'm going to get the peach vsti just to see if i can do something alike. Congrats!

Counterpoint is a bitch.

Man, I love Bach. He is the supreme god of music as we know it. And yeah, counterpoint is one of the most fantastic tools that one can use to enhance the song. And yes, for the sake of the erudite sound, you have to be a REALLY GOOD musician. Ergo, you are definitely one talented musician.

EmperorCharlemagne responds:

Thanks for the kind words, my man. I too find myself loving Bach more and more as my musical knowledge grows... It seems that for one so early he was far ahead of his time, even to this day, Cagean be damned.

It ain't perfect, but I like it, and am glad you like it too.


What incredible lyrics! Very subtle and funky (of course). Great work man. I hate the munchies... I wish I could invent a mutant weed that wouldn't only get you high. But oh well, who am I? Keep on doing the good work, and getting blazed.

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A party is only complete...

with Daft Punk. Hehe, still, great illustration. Fantastic effects.


That's the first word that comes to my mind when I see this illustration...

ghlow responds:

This makes me happy! it's supposed to be a "character study" that focuses more on the subject's personality than anything else, so i'm glad that came across for you!

I'd buy that!

I have to agree with the guy below me. If that was the stamp on a black shirt, I'd buy it for sure. It would be a really awesome t-shirt.

I'm the guy on the right lol ===>

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